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The bracelet is a piece of jewelry that can be called one of the most elegant and romantic. Contemporary women's rhodium bracelets are exquisite decoration, emphasizing the elegance and beauty of the hands. They are suitable for different styles of clothing. Also bracelets may successfully combine with other jewelry.

What is rhodium?

Rhodium is a noble metal of the platinum group. Rhodium is perfectly combined with any inserts from diamonds to phianites due to the cold brilliance of the white metal. Rhodium can reduce the wear of the product, to increase its hardness, protect jewelry from scratching and tarnishing, aggressive factors (water, light, friction).

Rhodium bracelets are the perfect jewelry for women and girls of any age. They can emphasize the femininity and elegance of any outfit. In our catalog are presented bracelets with natural white and black pearls. The original shape and unique design are made Ellen Conde bracelets a real valuable decoration for every woman.

Ellen Conde jewelry – the best choice!

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